March 23, 2020

4 Side Effects of Dehydration on the Human Body

Do you know all the effects of dehydration on the body? It’s important that you drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Drinking other beverages, such as tea and soda, are not good substitutes because they contain large amounts of sugar and salt that is removed from our bodies with the assistance of water. The dehydration process begins before we even feel thirsty. Drinking water throughout the day is the best way to prevent this.

What is the Effect of Dehydration on the Body?

There are four main dehydration effects on the body:

1. Weakened Immune System

A person can survive about a week without water because the human body consists of 75% water. Eliminating toxins and waste materials become a difficult task when dehydrated. Not being able to remove this debris, your body is more susceptible to infection. Not staying hydrated can also diminish energy levels, leading to a lack of exercise and a weakened immune system.

2. Dehydration Can Affect Heart Health

When our bodies become dehydrated our blood becomes thicker and restricts blood flow. This can lead to an increase in blood pressure and a rise in blood cholesterol. This is the body’s way of preventing any further water loss from the cells. According to the American Heart Association, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol increase your risk of coronary heart disease.

3. Increased Risk of Obesity

Drinking less water slows down our metabolism. Our bodies will also have difficulty eliminating toxins, as mentioned above, leading them to store them in fat cells. These cells will not release any fat until the body is hydrated so that they can safely remove the toxins stored. One way to combat this is to drink two 8-ounce glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Doing this regularly can help increase your metabolism, decrease your appetite and promote your overall health.

4. Premature Aging

If you continuously allow yourself to become dehydrated, you may notice some unwanted wrinkles. The body’s organs wrinkle and weaken when dehydrated, including your largest organ: the skin.

The skin consists of approximately 20% water, but when dehydrated can drop below 10%. This affects the collagen in your skin, which keeps your skin firm. Therefore, less collagen increases premature aging.

general effects of dehydration on the body

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Dehydration can take a toll on your body. Staying hydrated can boost your immune system, keep your heart healthy, battle obesity and slow unwanted aging. It’s important to drink the recommended water intake to avoid these unwanted effects. To learn more healthy living tips, or to address current health concerns, get connected with a Baptist Health primary care provider near you.

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