July 20, 2021

Baptist Health Floyd Emergency Room in New Albany, IN

Baptist Health Floyd: Emergency Room

The Baptist Health Floyd emergency room has board-certified physicians who provide emergency care for the community. Learn more about emergency care at Baptist Health.

Baptist Health Floyd Emergency Room in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

John Petrey Jr., MD, Emergency Medicine:
A person should come to the emergency department if at any time they feel like they have an emergent process, or any acute onset of symptoms they feel like they need to be acutely evaluated for. We take care of everything. For acute strokes, we’re a stroke center. We’re a cardiovascular center. We’re a referral center for southern Indiana. Between the ER and our medical staff upstairs, we provide excellent care and can handle about anything. 

COVID was very challenging, but our problem was folks not coming to the ER because they were in fear of COVID. We had problems [where] we’d see people who would come in with strokes, heart attacks, and things like that that were several days old. We really could not provide the appropriate help for [them], but we could have if [COVID-19] had not been in the community. Of course, everything is in place for safety protocols, appropriate PPE, and everybody here has been vaccinated. There’s an utmost safety practice here at Floyd when it comes to COVID. I would urge people not to have any fear of coming here because of COVID. 

Our ER has board-certified emergency physicians. We’re a team and we have to make a team effort. We live in this community. We’re part of this community. We know this community, and we consider it our family. We are able to take care of just about anyone who walks through that door.

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