August 08, 2021

Back-to-School Breakfast Tips

Mother and 2 young daughters eating breakfast, mother helping the youngest

Studies show that children who eat breakfast tend to have higher school attendance, less tardiness and better test scores. They are also less likely to be overweight. However, an estimated 40 percent of children do not eat any, or an adequate breakfast each morning.

Nutritious and Quick Breakfast Ideas

  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Greek yogurt
  • Breakfast smoothies
  • Fruit
  • Cottage cheese
  • Overnight oats
  • Whole grain pancakes or waffles
  • Egg muffins
  • Breakfast quesadillas
  • Granola
  • Low-sugar cereal
  • Nut butters (spread on whole grain toast or waffles)
  • Cheese slices served on whole grain toast
  • Whole wheat pita stuffed with sliced hard-cooked eggs
  • Bran or whole grain muffins
  • Breakfast bars
  • Drinkable yogurt
  • Protein-packed breakfast “cookies”

Breakfast Tips for Busy Mornings

  • Prepare as much as you can the night before. Gets the plates and utensils ready, place fresh fruit in a bowl, etc.
  • Get your children up earlier. Some kids skip breakfast because they aren’t hungry when they wake up in the morning. Get them up them up 10-15 minutes and have them perform their chores (such as walking the dog) to work up an appetite.
  • Let your children help plan for and prepare breakfast. Give your kids some leeway to make their own choices. However, avoid sugary cereals.
  • Have grab-and-go alternatives. Make sure you keep fresh fruit, individual boxes of cereal, drinkable yogurt or trail-mix on hand for days when there is little or no time to eat.

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