October 22, 2021

Halloween Is a Go: Here’s How to Celebrate Safely

Young boy wearing a protective mask and costume trick or treating on Halloween.

The news on the COVID-19 infection rate is good as we head into the fall season. The number of new cases daily is dropping. While we can’t let our guard down, the fact that the percentage of the U.S. population that’s vaccinated is growing and people are continuing to take other steps to prevent infection is very encouraging. 

So, health experts, including ours at Baptist Health, believe it’s safe to attend Halloween parties, go trick-or-treating, and enjoy other fall activities. Of course, common-sense disease prevention measures should still be practiced.

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Helpful Tips for a Happy and Healthy Halloween

Have some Halloween fun — you and your family deserve it! Below are tips for staying safe as you do:

  • Outside is best for trick-or-treaters and homeowners. Trick-or-treating is typically an outdoor event, which is great. When taking your kids around the neighborhood, wait until the group ahead of you has left someone’s porch before you approach. If you’ll be offering treats at your house, it may be safer to sit outside on your porch to give out candy rather than repeatedly opening your door to groups of excited, out-of-breath kids.
  • Costumes that can incorporate masks are ideal. If your child chooses (or can be encouraged to choose!) a Halloween costume that can include a mask, that’s helpful while trick-or-treating and for any school parties. But either way, kids should be masked when indoors around others. Just be careful about painting masks, as some paints contain toxins. 
  • Consider putting portions out on a table. To minimize the amount of close interaction you have with trick-or-treaters when you’re handing out candy, you may want to consider laying out separate servings on a card table so kids can grab their portion without touching anyone else’s candy. This is safer than putting treats into their bag by hand or allowing them to reach into your bag or bowl to grab a handful.
  • Host and attend outdoor parties. If you’re hosting a party, it’ll be safer for everyone if it’s centered in your yard rather than in your house. If you’re attending parties and have a choice of indoor and outdoor gatherings, choose the outdoor party. 
  • Attend community events. Halloween parades, fall festivals, and other activities can be lots of fun, especially if you avoid crowded areas when you can and mask up when you can’t.
  • Focus on family fun. In addition to trick-or-treating and parties, there are plenty of family-focused Halloween activities to enjoy. Carve and decorate pumpkins, make Halloween-themed treats, watch a movie or read stories while dressed as characters, or have a scavenger hunt. 

Don’t take a chance with your health.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to prevent COVID-19 infection and end the pandemic. The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19, but it can help protect you from serious illness. Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine and make a first, third, or booster vaccination appointment at a location near you. 

Beyond COVID-19: Be Careful in General on Halloween

With much of the attention being on COVID-19 safety, as it should be, we need to remember the more general risks associated with excited kids (and parents) being out after dark and eager to get from one house to another while trick-or-treating or driving from one event to another. 

We all want to focus on the fun, and there’s no reason we can’t do that while still being safe!

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