April 26, 2020

Don’t Believe These 10 Coronavirus Immunity Myths

Myth: Zinc and Vitamin C Help Prevent You from Getting COVID-19.

Not true. While many believe that supplements like vitamin C and zinc can help prevent or alleviate symptoms of a cold, there’s no evidence that they can help prevent you from getting a viral infection, including the one that causes COVID-19. Zinc is often recommended for boosting the immune system for people on vegan diets, but it offers no help in preventing a coronavirus infection.

Myth: Spraying Disinfectants on Your Body Will Prevent a Coronavirus Infection.

Not true. In addition to irritating your skin and injuring your eyes, spraying your skin with chlorine or a disinfectant spray will not protect you from getting COVID-19. While these disinfectants are effective in disinfecting surfaces, they can be harmful to clothes and mucous membranes. 

Myth: Getting a Flu Shot Will Prevent You from Getting COVID-19.

Not true. Getting a flu shot is recommended for helping to prevent you from getting the seasonal flu, but it won’t protect you from getting COVID-19. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is different from the influenza virus, so getting a flu shot won’t help. 

Myth: Hot or Cold Weather Kills the Coronavirus.

Not true. COVID-19 can be transmitted in ALL areas, regardless of the climate or temperature. The World Health Organization reports that COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in hot and humid locations and cold ones as well. 

Myth: Drinking Alcohol Can Protect You from Getting COVID-19.

Not true. Drinking alcohol doesn’t protect you from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and, in excess, can increase your risk of health problems. 

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Myth: Taking a Hot Bath Can Prevent You from Getting COVID-19.

Not true. Taking a hot bath will not prevent you from getting COVID-19 and, if the water is extremely hot, it can burn you.

Myth: Regularly Rinsing Your Nose with Saline Will Protect You From COVID-19.

Not true. While rinsing your nose with saline can help you recover more quickly from a cold, it won’t prevent you from getting COVID-19.

Myth: Eating Garlic Helps Protect You From COVID-19.

Not true. While garlic is a healthy food with some antimicrobial properties, it won’t protect you from getting COVID-19. 

Myth: Ingesting “Miracle Minerals” Can Protect You From COVID-19.

Not true. Some social media channels have people claiming that there’s a “miracle mineral solution” that kills the coronavirus. This is false. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cautioning everybody not to ingest this compound, which is used to sterilize water and surfaces, because it’s essentially bleach. 

Myth: There Are Medications That Can Help Prevent and Treat the New Coronavirus.

Not true. To date, there aren’t any specific medications that can be used to prevent or treat the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Those who have COVID-19 can receive care that will help relieve and treat symptoms, but there’s no medication that will protect you from getting the virus. 

More Questions About COVID-19?

The best ways to protect yourself from getting the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 are washing your hands often with soap and water, avoiding touching your face, and practicing social distancing. 

If you have more questions or concerns about COVID-19, go to BaptistHealth.com/covid19 or visit other reputable sites, such as the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


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