July 04, 2015

The Team Approach to Rehabilitation

Baptist Health Corbin: The Team Approach to Rehabilitation

Doctor SAMUEL KREIS, MD describes the benefits of Baptist Health Corbin’s team approach to rehabilitation, which helps patients return to their homes and their activities faster.

Team Approach to Rehabilitation Health Talks Transcript

Samuel Kreis, MD

Acute inpatient rehab is a very unique hospital setup. It’s an inpatient specialty hospital within the walls of Baptist Health Corbin where we work towards helping a patient who has physical needs from a therapy standpoint, as well as having acute medical management needs that need the attention of a physician on a daily basis. My favorite part of inpatient rehab is really the approach we use toward the patient, which is really more of a team approach. The team is led by a physician, with rehabilitative nurses who are especially interested in rehabilitating patients from various injuries and illnesses. There are physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists – everybody working together as a team towards individualizing a plan for that patient in particular. We’re able to look at a person, what their needs are now, what their abilities were before, and really tailor a plan to allow them to get them back into the community and active again as they were before the hospitalization. So, we’re treating their medical needs, but we really also get to focus on what their functional needs are to allow them to return home. I think the outcomes from rehab from my experience are great. They’re excellent.

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