July 11, 2016

Benefits of Pediatric Rehab

Baptist Health Corbin: Benefits of Pediatric Rehab

Cherie Gambrel, MD, talks about Baptist Health Corbin’s children’s outpatient rehabilitation facility, which provides advanced therapies for development disorders, cognitive delay and orthopedic needs.

Benefits of Pediatric Rehab HealthTalks Transcript

Cherie Gambrel, MD, Family Medicine
The outpatient rehab facility for pediatrics is a fully comprehensive clinic for different diagnoses. We send patients over there who have disorders such as cerebral palsy, autism … they might also have orthopedic disorders; they might have musculoskeletal disorders. Sometimes they have cognitive delay or developmental delay, and the therapists there are very fully equipped to treat these patients and encourage their full potential. For a child that has had a developmental disorder, or if they have a musculoskeletal disorder, they might benefit from occupational therapy where they learn how to grip, or grasp, or how to write, because sometimes those developmental milestones are not met when they should be met. If it’s a musculoskeletal need or orthopedic need, we send them to physical therapy where an actual physical therapist works on a patient’s joints or a patient’s muscles with them. We have a sensory room where kids with autism or Asperger’s can utilize that to help calm them down. The outpatient facility here in Corbin is just phenomenal. We have everything that a big-city clinic would have. It’s been a turning point for our community in that it’s providing a service that our community really desperately needs.

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