September 12, 2019

Pain Management Treatment Options in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health Corbin: Pain Management Treatment Options

Pain management is focused on reducing the amount of pain the body feels or perceives, so that it doesn’t affect a patient’s quality of life. Learn about the pain management services at Baptist Health.

Pain Management Treatment Options in Corbin, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Thomas Whealton, DO, Interventional Pain:
Pain management is a field of medicine where we work to reduce the amount of pain that your body is feeling or that you’re perceiving. Usually, this is done after we’ve ruled out there’s no other pathology we need to address. When that happens, it’s really important that we just work solely on trying to reduce the effect of the pain on your quality of life.

Whenever we see a patient, we start from the ground up. We make sure they’ve tried some of the easier and more conservative treatment modalities, including physical therapy, aquatic therapy, things like that. We want to address the whole patient and make sure there aren’t other issues that may be contributing to their pain, such as sleep deprivation, other things like that.

However, sometimes we will have to consider intervention or medicines. We can sometimes use X-ray to steer a small needle in to turn off the affected nerve or joint that’s causing your pain. We can also do small surgeries in the outpatient facility that we can use to interrupt the pain signals before they actually travel up to your brain.

After we do a procedure, an intervention or a surgery, usually you can leave the hospital within an hour or two. If you’re having a surgery, most of the time you’ll be home by lunch.

Here at Baptist Health Corbin, we have really established a team-based atmosphere to make sure our patients get the best treatment possible and really increase their quality of life.

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