January 28, 2020

Nonhealing Wound Treatment Clinic in Corbin, Kentucky

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- [Dr. Lauber] Wound Care Center is
a specialized clinic that we have set up

for helping people with chronic wounds
that are having difficulty healing.

We have a lot of patients with diabetes
and extensive medical problems that make

it difficult for them to heal,
wounds that develop either from trauma or

from pressure sores.

- [Megan] You may suspect that you have a
non-healing wound if it's not starting

to show signs of healing within two weeks.

- Some reasons that a wound would not heal
would be pressure that's being applied

that isn't being adequately padded,
circulation issues, either arterial

or venous, diabetes-related complications
such as neuropathy, circulation,

pressure sores all tie in with that.

We try to do as much as we possibly can to
improve the root causes.

Sometimes we actually use treatments that
stimulate growth and healing as well.

- We have several options
in the clinic for treating wounds.

We do offer bedside debridements
in the office.

We can do negative pressure therapies,
compression and we offer offloading cast.

We like to think of the Wound Care Center
as a team approach to your overall health.

So, we work really closely with your
primary A care provider,

and we can also help set up with home
health and refer you to other

providers as needed.

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