March 11, 2016

What Happens When You Stop Smoking

What happens when you stop smoking? Your body starts to recuperate immediately.

Timeline of what happens when you stop smoking

  • 2 Hours after quitting – Your blood pressure and heart rate have returned to normal.
  • 1 Day after quitting – Oxygen can now more easily reach your muscles and your heart.
  • 48 Hours after quitting – Your sense of smell and taste will begin to be enhanced.
  • 3 Days after quitting – Nicotine withdrawal symptoms will be at their peak, however, your body’s levels of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, increase.
  • 1 Year after quitting – Your lungs have begun to repair themselves and chances of you getting heart disease is 50% lower.
  • 5 Years after quitting – Your chances of having a stroke are now the same as someone who never smoked.
  • 10 Years after quitting – New cells have replaced any precancerous ones that may have existed. The risk of lung, mouth, throat, pancreas and kidney cancer has decreased.


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