March 04, 2016

Compassionate Cancer Care

Baptist Health Paducah: Compassionate Cancer Care

Radiation oncologist PETER LOCKEN discusses the latest advances in cancer treatment, and patient Melissa Duncan describes the reassurance of receiving that treatment close to home.

Compassionate Cancer Care Health Talks Transcript

Peter Locken, MD, Radiation Oncologist

Cancer is a diagnosis that nobody wants, but the good news is that we are making great strides and are curing a lot of folks with cancer. But, it is a difficult thing to go through.

Melissa Duncan:

When I received my cancer treatment at Baptist Health, I received quality treatment. I believe I received all the treatment that was possible for what I was diagnosed with.

Dr. Locken:

The treatment of cancer is no one single size fits all. It depends on the type of cancer, and there are multiple modalities involved. The three main modalities for treating cancer are surgery, systemic chemotherapy and radiation oncology. So, it’s really a team effort, and it’s a group of multiple physicians coming together to give the best possible care for that individual patient.


I think the important thing is you have to trust the people that are giving you your care, and when you can find those people that you can trust, you can relax and not stress so much because they are looking out for you.

Dr. Locken:

We are the only center in Paducah that offers radiation oncology services. Our current platform for radiation is truly state-of-the-art.  You couldn’t find a better platform for delivery of that type of radiation and it takes a long, long time to develop a truly comprehensive, integrated cancer program.


The idea of being in Paducah — it was much easier for me to help myself, and it was much easier for people to help me.

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