September 12, 2019

Cancer Patient Resource Center in Paducah, Kentucky

Baptist Health Paducah: Cancer Patient Resource Center

The Cancer Center Resource Room at Baptist Health provides resources, such as wigs and blankets, and educational materials for cancer patients. Learn more about our cancer patient resource center.

Cancer Patient Resource Center in Paducah, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Tonya Rittenberry, Radiation Therapy supervisor:
We’re here at Baptist Health Paducah in this beautiful resource room that is available to our patients. It’s very important to us because patients come through the cancer center daily. Often they have needs, many needs that sometimes they can’t afford. The resource room is available with things that are free of charge. They can get it right here in the building while they’re here for their treatment, which makes it really nice.

The resource room offers educational material about the patient’s cancer. It offers reading material that’s inspirational. It offers wigs, free. We have bras and prostheses for patients who have had mastectomies. We have blankets for patients who have to be in a chair in chemotherapy for a while, just to keep them warm. We have goody bags. Sometimes we give them bags just [filled with] things, little snacks.

We have volunteers who can help them with needs, help them try on wigs. We make their day many times because we’re here helping them. It cheers them up and makes them feel better.

Martha Lawrence, volunteer:
I volunteer because our family has been affected by cancer and I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, even if it’s a small difference while they’re taking their treatment here at Baptist Health. I enjoy working here with the competent, compassionate staff, and I enjoy being with the patients.

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