May 23, 2019

Cancer University: Educating and Empowering YOU

Cancer University

If you have ever cringed at the C word, cried in fear or memory of its impact, fearfully anticipated a scan, or simply wanted to know more about cancer, this class is for you. In conjunction with Baptist Health Foundation and with gracious sponsorship by Delta Dental, Baptist Health Louisville is proud to introduce Cancer University. This four-week series is designed to educate, prepare, and empower anyone interested in or affected by cancer. The class will begin with an educational understanding of what cancer is, what treatment options are available, and what side effects may be a part of this experience, paving the way for connection to the incredible, interdisciplinary team available at Baptist and in the Louisville community ready to assist along the way.

Dr. Mary Helen Davis, a psychiatrist with board certification in palliative care and psychosomatic medicine, will be presenting a stimulating lecture on Mood, Memory, and Mind in the second week of this series. Her unwavering devotion to the unique experience of each individual reminds us all that the care of the entire person must not be interpreted as a luxury, but rather as an expectation of care. In this class, participants can expect to break down stigmas, recognize the increased incidence of depression and anxiety in cancer diagnoses, and subscribe to our belief that together, we can do better. Dr. Davis aims to empower every individual to recognize the impact of living as well as possible, in any given situation.

This course will provide the opportunity to connect with our medical team, develop an awareness of the support available in our community, and experience the benefit of networking with others who may share your fears or concerns. Cancer University will begin on June 6 from 4:30-6 PM in the Cancer Resource Center Conference Room, and I urge you to enroll today, as space is limited. We cannot wait to see you there!

Baptist Health Cancer Care, through funding provided by Delta Dental of Kentucky, introduces Cancer University, a four-part course featuring experts in the cancer field. Cancer University offers a tuition-free curriculum focused on educating and empowering cancer patients, family members, caregivers or anyone who wants to gain more knowledge about cancer.

SESSION 1 – Cancer 101: Treatment and Side Effects

SESSION 2 – Cancer 102: Managing Mood, Memory, and Mind

SESSION 3 – Cancer 201: Improving and Maintaining Health and Wellbeing

SESSION 4 – Cancer 202: Cancer Cost

To attend, register on the event page or call 502.897.8131.

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