Baptist Health Paducah brings accessible healthcare to students and staff

Baptist Health Paducah. February 13, 2023

The TytoCare device allows the student or staff member to receive a comprehensive medical exam utilizing an iPad and Tyto equipment

(PADUCAH, KY) February 13 - Baptist Health Paducah has enhanced the partnership with the Paducah Public School System to bring a virtual school-based healthcare program to all city schools, using high-quality healthcare video technology, TytoCare. The technology allows students, faculty and staff to be seen virtually by a Baptist Health Medical Group provider in the comfort of the school’s nursing office.

The TytoCare device allows the student or staff member to receive a comprehensive medical exam utilizing an iPad and Tyto equipment, including a thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope (ear exam) and a tongue depressor. The equipment sends live video, images and data from the patient to the clinician.

Baptist Health Paducah provides an on-site nurse at each of Paducah’s five schools to coordinate the process and act as a liaison between with the Baptist Health Medical Group provider. After the nurse evaluates the student and determines if a telehealth visit is needed, the school nurse will contact that student’s parent or guardian. The school nurse schedules and leads the video visits that enable the advanced care provider to do a thorough examination with the TytoCare equipment. The student’s parent or guardian can join the visit in-person or via a video link. The virtual visit allows the provider to do a thorough exam, make a diagnosis and call in a prescription to the pharmacy. If further testing is needed such as a strep- throat or Covid-19 test, the provider can order that at the time of the virtual visit.  

The goal of the partnership between the school system and Baptist Health allows the students to stay in school. “We want to keep students healthy and in school,” said Jessica Colburn, RN, Baptist Health Medical Group and Paducah Public School’s District Health Coordinator. “It not only helps the students but helps their guardians as well because they do not have to miss work to take the student to an appointment. Keeping students in school and not missing any important educational instruction is vital. As long as a student is not contagious, they can continue their school day.”

Students, faculty and staff do not have to be a current patient of Baptist Health in order to participate in the program. Video visits for students under the age of 18 will be directed to Baptist Health Medical Group Pediatrics, and those over 18 will be directed to a Baptist Health Medical Group Family Medicine practice.

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