December 19, 2014

Weight Loss Options

Baptist Health Louisville: Weight Loss With and Without Surgery

Bariatric Surgeon JOHN OLDHAM, MD discusses medical weight loss options, including those with physician supervision and four bariatric surgery options for those needing to lose more than 30 pounds.

Weight Loss With and Without Surgery Health Talks Transcript

David Pate, La Grange KY

“I’ve tried to lose weight a thousand times, I’ve been on many programs, many organized programs and many unorganized programs. Before surgery I weighed 342 pounds, and as of today I am 191.  So I’ve lost approximately around 150 pounds.

John Oldham, MD

Here at Baptist we do offer two programs.  We have a medical weight loss or doctor supervised program and we also have a surgical program.  The medical weight loss programs are weekly visits to talk about what they are eating, informing new patients or educating patients about the quality of food they are putting in their body.

David Pate

We have changed the way we eat in many ways and we’re eating much, much healthier.

John Oldham, MD

Weight loss surgery for patients that may want to lose more weight than, if they’re trying to lose thirty pounds or more we offer four different procedures. We try to match up the perfect tool for that patient for them to be successful.

David Pate

Having this surgery is not the end. This surgery is a tool, and I can use this tool with my other efforts to be at a weight that I want to be. I probably added ten years to my life by losing 150 pounds and so that’s something that is good to hear because I want to be around for a lot longer.

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