January 04, 2016

The New Calvert City Clinic

Doctor JONATHAN WALTERS explains the clinic’s services, which include walk-in or scheduled appointments for a range of urgent care, preventative care and primary care needs.

New Calvert City Clinic Health Talks Transcript

Jonathan Walters, MD, Family Medicine
One of the things that I really like about the clinic right here in Marshall County, is we have a lot of opportunities for the patients that they can get here in Calvert and not have to go all the way to Paducah.

Jim Huggins, Paducah
It’s like walking into a family room. People here are very friendly. I know everybody in the building. They know me, and they’ve been nothing but top rate.

Dr. Walters
We see patients on a walk-in basis, as well as a scheduled basis. We are primary care to many patients. We can do most services that you would have at an urgent care facility. We do not take care of emergencies, things that would be seen in an emergency room. We can deal with a lot of complaints that some people present to a doctor’s office for, such as headaches, eye pain, most of the upper respiratory infections, colds, sinus infections, strep throat, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, as well as things of the skin. We are able to repair lacerations. We are also able to do EKGs. We can splint. We are able to do sports physicals, we can do well-child physicals, and we have many of the vaccines that kids would get during their well visits that are available. We have flu shots, and we do follow the CDC’s recommendations. I like to think of my patients as family. I’m going to treat them like I would my mother, my brother, my sister.

There’s a doctor and a patient relationship, which is really a professional relationship. This extends beyond that. I consider Dr. Walters my friend.

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