September 02, 2015

Innovations in Pediatric Therapy

Baptist Health La Grange: Innovations in Pediatric Therapy

Internist KATHERINE JETT, MD discusses how therapists use innovative ways to help pediatric patients develop important skills, reaching their potential through physical, mental and “play” therapy.

Innovations in Pediatric Therapy Health Talks Transcript

Katherine H. Jett, MD, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics:
Pediatric therapy can be very different from what you think of as our therapy for adults. In addition to exercises, our pediatric therapists are innovative and find ways to use play therapy to help our children develop their skills.

Tommy Caruso:
Sean was actually born with what they call an “agenesis of the corpus callosum.” And essentially he was born without the left and right side of his brain talking to one another. On point, they removed nearly 50 percent of Sean’s brain. Before Sean had his surgery, he was very delayed. He didn’t talk, he didn’t walk very well. Sean just kind of existed.

Norma White-Caruso:
Sean is very excited to come to therapy, and he doesn’t see it as therapy because they work so hard to make it fun, which is very important in adolescent or pediatric therapy, and they do such a great job that he doesn’t even know that he’s working.

Tommy Caruso:
It’s amazing what you take for granted. When Sean’s able to come home and tell me his phone number, and it takes my breath away. That’s a life skill. That means if Sean ever got away from us, a police officer can ask him “What’s your phone number?” He can tell him, and we can get a phone call, and we’re going to find Sean again. Those are the things that give me comfort. Those are the things that amaze me, that Sean knows his phone number.

Dr. Jett:
Our therapists want the same thing that you as a parent want. You want your kid to be successful and independent and to reach their potential.

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