December 19, 2014

Hidden Signs of Heart Attack

Baptist Health Paducah: Heart Attack

Cardiologist BRADLEY MCELROY, MD discusses early symptoms of heart attack: aching jaws or arms, shortness of breath, tightness in throat, sweatiness, nausea, and crushing chest pain.

Heart Attack Health Talks Transcript


When it comes to treating heart attacks, time is of the essence.  And the biggest limitation we found is the time from recognizing the symptoms until the time arriving in the emergency room.

BRAD HALL, Paducah

“I was walking and started having some abnormal feeling, tightness in my throat — not so much my chest– when it got worse.  When you’re walking and it stops you in your tracks and you have to stand there wondering if you are going to be able to stand on your feet waiting for it to pass, that’s what gets your attention.  Right here, right now it’s time.”


Many times it’s a crushing chest pain that immediately alerts you that something very serious is going on.  But other times the symptoms of a heart attack can be very subtle.  Aching in the jaws, aching in the arms, shortness of breath, sweatiness, nausea, could be early symptoms of a heart attack and they should seek immediate medical attention.


“I hope that my message gets out to the same people — the ones that say yeah that’s heart trouble. If you are experiencing something weird, maybe you should see a physician about it.


I’m excited to be a cardiologist at Baptist Health Paducah; we are a leader in this area of the quick and effective treatment of heart attacks.


“Baptist Health helped save my life, and now they are my friends for life.”

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