February 27, 2024

Ear Care in Elizabethtown, KY

Image of K. John Yun from Wistia Video

Kiro John Yun, MD:

Common ear conditions can be simple as ear wax or ear drainage or infections of the outer ear canal, but it can also range further into middle ear with a otitis media and also further into the inner ear or into the brain. So there can be vast amount of different symptoms. People might want to seek care for something like wax impaction. Sometimes they have ear ache or ringing in the ears, or possibly even dizziness. Sometimes you'll have these different ear symptoms, and if you leave it and go untreated, it can result in some major consequences as there is a close proximity with a initial starting low pathology to a lot of important structures in which it can cause you permanent vertigo, or it can cause you permanent hearing loss, permanent taste change, or it can cause you facial paralysis. So it is very important that you seek help early before it gets to any of these major complications.

If you have any of these ear conditions, please look us up at the Baptist Health Harden. We can be seen right here in Elizabethtown.

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