February 26, 2024

Colorectal Surgery and Procedures in New Albany, IN

Image of Biruk Almaz MD

Biruk Almaz, MD:

As a colorectal surgeon, some of the common procedures that are performed are screening and diagnostic colonoscopy, as well as in-clinic procedures for hemorrhoids, fistulas, as well as pilonidal diseases. Some of the complex procedures I perform are complex laparoscopic, as well as robotic minimal-invasive procedures for both benign and malignant lesions of the colon and rectum.

Coming to Baptist Floyd as a colorectal surgeon to help the community, especially in the real advanced, minimal invasive, robotically laparoscopically, has helped decrease the patient's recovery time, as well as postoperative pain, especially for patients with lower rectal cancers and advanced cancer that can be treated with minimal-invasive surgery approaches, as well as multidisciplinary approaches for patients with advanced colon and rectal cancer.

The robotic platform has enabled us to do minimal invasive and complex pathologies and issues in the colon and rectum, especially with cancer in the rectum. This has enabled us to work in a very narrow pelvises to be able to limit the conversion rate from minimal invasive to more open surgery. Because we have the robotic platform, we're enabling care of patients here at Baptist without traveling across the bridge or all the way to Indianapolis.

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