July 11, 2016

Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence

Baptist Health Paducah: Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence

Cardiologist Sanjay Bose, MD, explains the significance of ACE accreditation and the difference that quality care in an advanced facility, can make for heart patients.

Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence HealthTalks Transcript

Sanjay Bose, MD, Cardiology
The ACE accreditation process is obviously extremely hard to get, and it’s an unbiased review of what we do in the Cardiac Catheterization department. This is done in order to provide the best quality of care and have the best outcomes possible. To me, it means that we are doing the right procedure on the right patient, and we are working in the very best facility that’s available anywhere in the world. We are exceptionally proud of what we do. We know it’s just not “I, myself” as an interventionist, but the entire team and my colleagues follow the best practices, and they have exceptionally good outcomes.

Teresa Cash, RN, Cardiovascular Services
If there’s ever a conversation that goes on in the cath lab, it’s always, “How would you treat your family? What would you do for your family?” It makes me so proud to be part of that team because they truly care about their patients.

Dr. Bose
The entire staff here at Baptist Health Paducah are extremely excited that we have this accreditation. We have joined a handful of hospitals across the world that have this. We look at it from both our personal as well as patients’ perspectives, and we know that if either us or one of our family members need to come for a procedure like this, we will not have second thoughts.

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