February 14, 2017

The Anti-Anemia Diet


Believe it or not, treatment for one type of anemia – a lack of red blood cells or of hemoglobin in the blood – is as close as your own kitchen.

Iron-deficiency anemia, the most common type of anemia, causes fatigue and weakness. The good news is that people can eat foods rich in iron to improve the condition.

Foods loaded with iron include:

  • Green, leafy vegetables such as spinach
  • Red meat, especially liver organs
  • Fish
  • Prune juice
  • Dried fruit
  • Beans and lentils
  • Almonds

Other foods to help your body absorb iron. Those include oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and fruits and vegetables with vitamin C. You might want to avoid drinking coffee or tea with meals because it makes it harder for your body to absorb iron.

Some people – such as women with heavy periods, vegans and pregnant women – are especially at risk of developing an iron deficiency and should pump up their diets.

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