June 29, 2021

Taking #Pride In Our Care: LGBTQIA+ Health Equality

The first Pride March was in June 1970, marking the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in NYC. Since then, we’ve made progress, but there is a long way yet to go. In today’s episode, we’re joined on the phone by Dr. Eli Pendleton, primary care physician with Baptist Health Medical Group at our Deer Park location in Louisville. 

Dr. Pendleton is an amazing ally for the LGBTQ community and provides primary care to almost 250 transgender patients who travel in from all parts of KY and Southern Indiana. There are unique health issues and challenges that affect the LGBTQ community, and in today’s episode, we’re taking some time to explore some of those.

Episode Summary

In this episode of Health Talks NOW, host Kendra Barnes is joined by Dr. Eli Pendleton who is the primary care physician with Baptist Health Medical Group in Louisville, Kentucky. Listen as Kendra and Dr. Pendleton talk about LGBTQ health and the unique health challenges this community faces.

One such area they begin with is the hesitancy this community can feel towards certain health procedures, often due to feeling a lack of support. Dr. Pendleton shares his own view in the importance of finding a doctor you trust and who supports you when facing this hesitancy. They also take some time to dive into topics such as weight and body image, anxiety, and depression that this community can often face.

Both agree that a main cause for each of these is a lack of support. They encourage listeners facing these challenges to reach out to healthy resources and counselors, and to be open to talking about their emotional health with trusted friends and family members. They then face some of the difficult topics of substance abuse, self harming behaviors, and domestic violence where they give some helpful resources and advice on how to navigate these areas. 

While there has been lots of growth in the acceptance of the LGBTQ community in the healthcare system, both Kendra and Dr. Pendleton see room for growth in this area. They share some of the challenges this community still faces in things such as health disparities and barriers and present ideas for ways these should be broken down. Dr. Pendleton shares his thoughts on the importance of finding a healthcare provider and doctor that you feel supported by.

They both close with ending thoughts on ways the healthcare system can do better in supporting the LGBTQ community and their hopes for the future. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] – Kendra introduces the episode and guest speaker.


[2:33] – Dr. Pendleton talks about common hesitancies towards health procedures and how to overcome this.  


[10:30] – The affects of weight and body image issues in the LGBTQ community and how to overcome these feelings. 


[20:00] – How to face anxiety and depression along with several helpful resources


[31:20] – How to approach substance abuse and helpful resources 


[36:48] – Dr. Pendleton talks about the rise of self harmful behaviors in this community and shares advice on how to help people struggling with this. 


[47:20] – Kendra and Dr. Pendleton talk about STI prevention and screenings.


[55:30] – How to handle domestic and physical violence 


[58:20] – Common health disparities and barriers the LGBTQ community faces


[1:05:50] – Kendra and Dr. Pendleton share their thoughts on how the healthcare system can do better in supporting the LGBTQ community. 


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