December 08, 2022

5 Healthy Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

safe new year

Despite what many may think, it is possible to enjoy ringing in the New Year and feel healthier the next day. Here are a few alternative ways to celebrate the New Year’s Eve:

  1. Make some healthy mocktails. If you can’t resist ringing in the New Year without a drink in your hand, do so in the healthiest way possible by drinking in moderation and making your own healthy mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) using fresh fruits and juices. Combine cranberry juice, sparkling water, and a lime wedge garnish to make a refreshing beverage that is perfect any time of year.
  2. Dance the night away. Invite your friends over for the ultimate dance-off at home this New Year’s Eve. You’ll be cracking up with laughter, and it’s a fun workout. Serve non-alcoholic beverages or arrange transportation for guests to get home.
  3. Go for a midnight run. There are plenty of ways to pursue your athletic side instead of partying or drinking with your friends. All over the country, you can find midnight runs. Look for one in your area. Or organize your own run at midnight with some friends or running club members.
  4. Enjoy a movie marathon. Being out on New Year’s Eve can be dangerous, so why not stay off the roads altogether? Invite some friends over for a movie marathon. Download or rent some films you’ve wanted to see. Make a night of it by offering some nutritious snacks, filling the fridge with healthy beverages and sitting back to relax while surrounded by people you love.
  5. Watch the sunrise. Grab a friend, family member or your partner and head out for an early morning walk to watch the sunrise. Not only will you get some early morning exercise, but watching the sunrise with someone special is more inspiring for a healthy new beginning than waking up midday with a hangover!

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