July 05, 2017

The Importance of Well-Care Visits

Baptist Health Floyd: The Importance of Well-Care Visits

Family physician Adriana Spanova, MD, emphasizes the importance of annual well-care visits and screenings in keeping you healthy and establishing a relationship with your doctor.

The Importance of Well-Care Visits Health Talks Transcript

Adriana Spanova, MD, Family Medicine
During a well-care visit, you and your doctor will discuss how to improve your health and prevent diseases. You might be offered recommended tests, screenings, and immunizations during that visit in order to improve your chances of living a healthier, happier and longer life. We recommend screenings and exams for cervical cancer, breast cancer by doing mammograms and pap smears, colorectal cancer screening, prostate cancer screening, skin cancer screening, blood pressure check to screen for hypertension, oral hygiene and health for adults, eye exams, viral hepatitis screening, HIV, fasting bloodwork to check for elevated cholesterol, and screening for diabetes. A flu shot is the immunization that is recommended annually, pretty much for all age groups, six months plus. A well-care visit is also very good for establishing a doctor-patient relationship, so you have an advocate in case of an illness. You can take charge of your own health by staying current on annual well exams and tests and screenings, and a really good way to do that is to schedule an annual well exam around the time of your birthday.

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