February 10, 2020

2019/2020 Flu Season Update

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), so far this season there have been approximately 22 million flu illnesses, 210,000 hospitalizations and 12,000 deaths from the flu.

All but two states (Hawaii and Oregon), are experiencing widespread flu activity, and by some indicators, this season is far worse than last, especially amongst children and young adults.

A flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu, and it’s not too late to get one as flu season often lasts until April. If you start having flu symptoms and are being treated with medications, typically these are only effective when started within 48 hours of symptoms.

Bethany Crispin, MD of Baptist Health Urgent Care in Richmond, Kentucky

Dr. Crispin also offers these tips to prevent the flu:

  • Avoid close contact with other people who have been sick or had the flu.
  • Always cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • If you’re having flu-like symptoms and/or a fever, stay home from school or work until your fever subsides.
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and water, or with an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth without your hands being free of germs.

The CDC reports that getting vaccinated for the flu is 40 to 60 percent effective in reducing a person’s risk.

It’s not too late!

If you are experiencing flu symptoms or would like to get vaccinated, visit one of Baptist Health’s convenient Urgent Care locations throughout Kentucky and southern Indiana.

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