October 23, 2023

How Do I Get a Non-Baptist Health COVID-19 Vaccine Status Into MyChart?

Needle and vial of vaccine

If you get a COVID-19 Vaccine at a non-Baptist Health healthcare organization, you might wonder how to update your status in MyChart. There are several ways you can accomplish this task, and we will walk you through each one, starting with the most recommended method.

Before we explore the details, here is a summary list of all the methods:

  • Link your Baptist Health MyChart to the other healthcare organization
  • Call Baptist Health MyChart Support
  • Ask the healthcare organization to update your MyChart through Epic

Link Your MyChart Account to the Other Healthcare Organization

You can add your COVID vaccine status to your MyChart by linking the non-Baptist Health organization to your MyChart account.

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Log into MyChart
  2. Go to the Menu (click on icon with three horizontal lines near the top left of the MyChart homepage)
  3. Scroll down the list of options that open on the left-hand side of the screen
  4. Go to the Sharing section
  5. Click on Link My Accounts
  6. Search for the healthcare organization you want to link
  7. When you locate the healthcare organization, click on Link Account
  8. Verify your accounts

You can repeat this process with more than one healthcare organization, as needed.

Watch this MyChart video of how to link your accounts on the MyChart platform.

Once you complete these steps, your COVID vaccine update from a non-Baptist Health organization will automatically go into your MyChart account. The linking process only takes a few minutes.

Please note that Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger are not currently available as options in the linking account section. If you get your vaccine from one of these locations, try one of the other two options we outline below.

Call Baptist Health MyChart Support

If you run into any trouble updating your COVID-19 vaccine status in MyChart, please contact the Baptist Health MyChart Support line. During this call, the MyChart support representative will guide you through each step of the process.

Baptist Health MyChart Support Number: 502.253.4820

Ask Your Healthcare Provider to Update Your Status Through Epic

If you get a COVID-19 vaccine from a non-Baptist Health organization, you can also ask a healthcare provider at that organization to update your COVID-19 vaccine status via Epic.

Contact your healthcare provider through MyChart.

Your healthcare provider will then log into Epic, a software company that powers MyChart. From within Epic, your healthcare provider will be able to update your COVID vaccine status. You will then be able to provide this status through MyChart to any other entity or individual that requests your status.

Once your vaccine is updated in MyChart, you can easily share your status using the QR code feature in your dashboard.

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