December 25, 2020

Do I Need to Wear A Mask at Home?

By now we all know that wearing a mask in public is a given and that wearing one helps protect us from both transmitting COVID-19 and being infected by it. But is it necessary to wear a mask at home? Here we’ll cover the latest recommendations for mask-wearing and the situations when wearing a mask at home is advised.

Wear a Mask Around Anyone Who Doesn’t Live with You

You know what everyone in your house is doing to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, but what about that relative who stops by or the contractor working in your kitchen? Instead of guessing or assuming that they’ve been doing what’s recommended, it’s best to wear a mask and insist that they do the same. 

Wear A Mask at Home If You or Someone Else Is Sick

Not feeling well? Wear a mask and have others in your home wear one as well. Given the wide variation in symptoms, it can be difficult to know whether you’ve got a cold, seasonal flu, COVID-19, or something else.

If you’re experiencing respiratory symptoms, it’s best to self-isolate until you know for sure what you’re dealing with. If that’s not possible, you and everyone else should wear a mask to reduce the risk for everyone in your household.

If You or Someone in Your Home Has COVID-19, Self-Isolate

In addition to wearing a mask, self-isolation is highly recommended for anyone infected with COVID-19. It’s also best to avoid common areas as much as possible and to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces. If the weather permits, it’s also recommended that you open a window to increase ventilation. 

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Research Confirms That Masks Work in Close Quarters

A recent scientific brief from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines how masks prevented the spread of COVID-19 in close quarters. In a study of 124 Beijing households with more than one confirmed case, mask use by asymptomatic patients and family members helped reduce secondary transmission by 79%.

Another study involving the outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, where people live and work close together, showed that wearing masks reduced the risk of contracting COVID-19 by 70%.

More Questions About Wearing A Mask and COVID-19?

If you’d like to learn more about how wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines, or have questions about the vaccines currently available, visit the CDC.

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