July 04, 2015

Surgical Care Near Home

Baptist Health Corbin: Surgical Care Near Home

Surgeon Aaron House, MD talks about the convenience of having surgery near your home and describes the satisfaction of returning to his hometown to provide care.

Surgical Care Near Home Health Talks Transcript

Aaron House, MD

What makes Baptist Health Corbin unique is to be in what’s considered an underserved area or a smaller community. We have four full-time general surgeons, which allow us to truly have 24/7 surgical coverage, which a lot of small communities do not have. The ability for us to perform almost any procedure you would need at this location means it’s more of a regional medical center as opposed to a rural hospital, and we are only growing. We’re getting more specialists, we have a new interventional cardiology program, the da Vinci robotic surgery and laparoscopic procedures we’re able to do – this is all just expanding the level of care you can receive at home rather than having to travel substantial distances to receive care. The most rewarding thing about being a general surgeon is I do get to fix problems. You come in, you’re sick, you have something going on, and I’m able to be part of the process of getting you back to hopefully where you were before the problem started. More importantly, I’m able to do it in my hometown. To have the ability to come back and take care of the town, it’s a privilege, but also I feel like it’s an obligation as well. So, the fact that I’ve been able to do that has been very meaningful, and it’s made practicing medicine and working here much more enjoyable. It’s more than just a job.

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