November 01, 2017

Meds to Beds Program

Baptist Health Corbin: The Meds to Beds Program

Pharmacy director Cliff Niemeier encourages patients to take advantage of Baptist Health Corbin’s Meds to Beds program, which fills patients’ prescriptions before they go home.

The Meds to Beds Program Health Talks Transcript

Cliff Niemeier, Director of Pharmacy
Meds to Beds program is a service that we expanded this year that allows patients to have their prescriptions filled by our in-house, retail pharmacy before they leave the hospital. When a patient is admitted to the hospital, the certified pharmacy technician will collect their medication history. If the patient is interested in taking part in the Meds to Beds program, we’ll register them and follow them throughout their stay and watch for their discharge. When the patient gets the good news that they’re going home, our pharmacy will prepare their medications and deliver them to their bedside. One of the main reasons that patients get readmitted to the hospital after they’ve been discharged is medication related. A lot of patients are tired, and they’re anxious when they’re going home. This service will save them time, and it’s one less stop that they need to make before they get home and get settled. We’ve had several patients and family members that have come back to us after discharge and expressed appreciation for the service. They felt like it was the first time that they had left the hospital and really understood the medications that they were taking, how they should be taking them, what to look out for, and what to do if they have questions.

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