September 12, 2017

Addressing an Addiction

Baptist Health Corbin: Addressing an Addiction

Psychiatrist Mazhar Salim, MD, explains how Baptist Health Corbin’s adult detox recovery program provides the support patients need to help them overcome the illness of addiction.

Addressing an Addiction HealthTalks Transcript

Mazhar Salim, MD, Psychiatry
No one becomes an addict by choice. The most painful thing for an addict is the realization that he or she has lost control, and every day they try to stop. But, they have no other means of coping except more drugs. And every time they use, there is a part of them that feels really guilty.

Ashley Smith, Pineville, Kentucky
When I came to detox at Baptist, I was still very angry and had lost … you know, I was hopeless.

Dr. Salim
The goal of Baptist Health Corbin’s adult detox recovery program is to provide a safe, secure, supportive place to help people who have a serious illness of addiction.

What happened was that they made sure I was safe so that I could mentally prepare for the struggle of my life, essentially.

Dr. Salim
Withdrawal from these substances can be quite painful, and we offer a supportive and welcoming environment where we help them go through a difficult time. That is the first step on the road to recovery.

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