July 16, 2019

Mammogram Guidelines

mammogram screening guidelines

Regular mammograms can help ensure that if a woman develops breast cancer, it’s detected early and can be treated promptly. However, there are different mammogram screening guidelines depending on which organization or expert you listen to.

For example, the mammogram guidelines from the American Cancer Society (annual screenings beginning at age 45) differ from the mammogram recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (screenings every two years starting at age 50). One thing that everyone agrees on, however, is that mammograms are an extremely important tool in the fight against breast cancer.

Recommended Age for Mammograms

While mammogram age guidelines vary, the best source of advice is your physician. They know your medical and family histories, and can make a mammogram screening age recommendation based on these and other details. At Baptist Health, our doctors tell patients that unless there’s a reason to start sooner, the recommended age for mammogram screenings is 40 for those at average risk of breast cancer.

How Often Should I Get a Mammogram?

After mammogram starting age, the next question women ask has to do with the frequency of mammograms. Our experts at Baptist Health recommend that women have an annual mammogram starting at age 40.

We feel that this mammogram schedule gives us the best opportunity to spot breast cancer and other breast health issues early while not being inconvenient for patients. So, we encourage an annual mammogram and look forward to seeing patients for this procedure once each year.

Additional Mammogram Recommendations

Who should get a mammogram? At Baptist Health, our mammogram screening recommendations apply to all women over 40. Women under 40 who have symptoms or a family history of breast cancer may be encouraged to start screening earlier.

Mammogram screening guidelines can change, of course, as new studies are performed and the growing body of research continues to be evaluated. If we develop new guidelines for mammogram screenings, your Baptist Health doctor will let you know what they are.

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