December 19, 2014

Cancer Care Close to Home

Baptist Health Corbin: Cancer Care

Oncologist ABIGAIL BYRNES, MD explains the importance of cancer treatment in a warm, supporting environment. She discusses cancer screenings and treatment advances with less side effects.

Cancer Care Health Talks Transcript

Abigail B. Byrnes, MD
Cancer unfortunately touches us all. I’ve had it effect my family and my friends so it’s really important that we provide the best support, the very best and up to date care and do everything we can to assist our patients in any way possible. Anytime we can catch cancer early or even prevent it from occurring it’s so much better than having to treat it. We have a state of the art breast care center here at Baptist Health Corbin where we even have 3D mammography available.

The screening dramatically improves the health and wellbeing of our patients. So often I see patients that are afraid to come in and get care because maybe they saw a loved one or friend go through treatment many years ago when the treatments were much more toxic. These days we have a lot of supportive agents that minimize for example nausea and vomiting, targeted treatments, biologic agents, and these tend to be accurately targeted at the cancer itself so it affects the cancer very strongly but tends to have less side effects for the patients, which is really, really important. I love working at Baptist Health Corbin.

It’s been a long term dream of mine to be able to deliver up to date, state of the art, top notch cancer care in a warm and supporting environment where we can treat the whole patient and I think we are able to do that here.

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