July 29, 2019

Patient Credits Neurologist With Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Joseph Seipel, MD, is the latest recipient of Baptist Health Medical Group’s “Doing Amazing Things” award. Dr. Seipel, a neurologist, helped detect breast cancer in a patient who expressed concern about a lump she had found.

While the award recognizes Dr. Seipel for going above and beyond in listening to the patient’s concerns, he said he doesn’t feel anything he did was extraordinary.

“I listened to her, and we learned new processes that helped meet her needs,” he said. “Sometimes it’s those ‘oh, by the ways’ that are so important. Sometimes you have to pay attention and address things even if they aren’t ‘on the list.’”

As Dr. Seipel was reviewing the patient’s history during an office visit, she said she was concerned about a lump she had found. She said she had mentioned it during a recent visit with a different provider, but they brushed it off and didn’t perform an exam, and she was still worried. Dr. Seipel said he went ahead and ordered a mammogram for her.

Practice Manager Molly Hiser said the surgery center called to question the order, wondering why a neurologist had asked for a mammogram on a patient. After confirming, they performed the mammogram and found it was early-stage breast cancer.

Since then, the patient and her daughter have called the practice several times to thank them for saving her life. And, the patient has shared her story with friends and family who also have called or sent letters to the practice to express their gratitude.

Baptist’s “Doing Amazing Things” award recognizes providers who go above and beyond what is expected for their patients and/or the community.

Dr. Seipel, who is with Baptist Health Medical Group Neurology in New Albany, Indiana, has been practicing medicine since the 1990s. He said he chose the field of neurology because he has always been interested in how the brain functions.

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Joseph Seipel, MD

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