Thankful patient honors Baptist Health Paducah nurse with the DAISY Award

Baptist Health Paducah. February 27, 2024
PADUCAH, KY (February 7 , 2024) - On September 28 near midnight, a soon-to-be mom was taken to Labor & Delivery to deliver her second child. Because of a prior cesarean, the patient was anxious and hopeful for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Madyson Blair, RN, made this dream a reality and in return, was the recipient of national recognition, the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Madyson was recognized by the patient who submitted a letter to the hospital that read.

“Mady was warm and welcoming from the moment I walked in If she ever stressed, we didn’t see it. She was so thorough explaining medications and monitor readings, and she did so in a way that was like talking to a close friend. She listened to my concerns, and she promised she would do everything she could to make my dreams of a VBAC a reality. A couple times, she asked another nurse for second opinion. She explained she trusted the consulting nurse, and this brought me comfort. She went the extra mile instead of making assumptions. She watched my vitals closely, and she was in my room often to check on me.”

At 3 a.m., the patient’s fear of a repeat cesarean looked inevitable due to a significantly decreased fetal heart rate. Blair continued to do everything in her power to increase the fetal heart rate, but ultimately the patient was moved to the operating room for a sterile vaginal exam that allowed the patient to push and deliver her baby with her husband and Blair by her side.

“The amount of joy felt in the room was unbelievable,” said Blair. “This is my favorite part of the job: caring for others and getting to see the joy of mothers whenever they see their babies for the first time, for me there is no feeling in the world like it.”

The letter goes on to say, “I was able to VBAC (on the operating table) with Mady right beside me. She was by my side speaking positivity and keeping me calm. I couldn’t ask for a more compassionate nurse in one of the most vulnerable and special moments of my life. Her bedside manner is unmatched compared to any other nurse I’ve encountered, and that, paired with her expertise, is deserving of a Daisy Award.”

The DAISY Award recognizes extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care provided by nurses. Patients, visitors, nurses, volunteers and employees may nominate a deserving nurse for the award.

“To me this award meant that I am doing my job the correct way and providing my patients with the best care that I can provide them,” said Blair. “This award was completely unexpected, but I am extremely honored and blessed to have received it.”

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