Honor National Donate Life Month by registering as an organ donor

Baptist Health Paducah. April 24, 2024

PADUCAH, KY (April 18, 2024) - As many Kentuckians are renewing licenses and receiving the real ID, it is a great time to consider becoming an organ donor. Recent organ donation statistics say that over 1,000 people in Kentucky are waiting for organ donation, and hundreds more are on the list for life-enhancing transplants that include cornea and tissue transplants. Take action this month, for national donate life month, by making a decision that could save up to eight lives.

It is important to know your donation options. Organ donation is not the only donation that can save lives. Less well-known are tissue and eye donations. Tissue donation consists of bone, cartilage, fascia, heart valves, ligaments, pericardium, skin, tendons and veins. One tissue donor can heal more than 50 lives. Eye donation is another option. Each year, over 1,000 Kentuckians have their sight restored by a cornea transplant.

In 2023, Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates reached new records in lives saved and number of organ donors. 299 organ donors saved the life of 729 Kentuckians by giving them the gift of a heart, kidney, liver, lungs and more. In addition, thousands were impacted through tissue donation.

Although there has been a steady increase in organ donors, 20 people still die each day waiting for a transplant. While 95% of U.S. adults say they support organ donation, only 54% are registered as donors. You can make the difference by registering as an organ donor today.

Registration to become a Kentucky organ donor can be done online or in person at the local KY DMV Office. For in person, sign up can be done when receiving or renewing a driver’s license or state ID card. To become a donor online, sign up at the Kentucky donor registry.

Your legacy continues when you share your life with others. For more information, visit Donate Life KY.