Baptist Health Richmond employee credits "discipline" to improved health

Baptist Health Richmond. January 30, 2024

Richmond, KY (January 30, 2024) – Maintaining a healthy exercise routine had historically not been an easy task for Donald Carr, Baptist Health Richmond Certified Surgical First Assist. That all changed last January when Donald heard someone share their story about fitness. Instead of looking for motivation each day, their message emphasized the importance of how disciplined you are to want to improve your health.


“Is anyone ever really motivated to exercise?” Donald said jokingly. “I wasn’t, but when I changed my mind set to focus more about how disciplined I was with my exercise routine, my perspective completely changed.”


In the coming months, Donald began to fall in love with exercising; focusing mainly on running and lifting weights - waking up early before work to run and making time after work to lift weights or run more.


It wasn’t long before fellow Certified Surgical First Assist, Travis Harrison, became Donald’s exercise companion. Travis, an avid runner and 5K participant, encouraged Donald to set goals and help see them through successfully. From running alongside Donald at Lake Reba to running with him during competitive races, Travis was always there for him.


Donald has now participated in over 20 races – many of which he’s secured a spot on the podium for his age group.


So, you may wonder, what’s next for Donald? A half Ironman later this summer. To prepare, he knows he will have to work on swimming to increase his endurance, but he’s not worried about not reaching his goal.


Employees at Baptist Health Richmond receive perks at work to be a member at the local Telford YMCA, which Donald’s thankful for, sharing, “It’s such a great benefit because my membership dues are automatically deducted from my paycheck, so I never miss the money!”


When asked why Donald continues his wellness journey, he simply shared,” I know it’s good for me.”


Most people understand that reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is essential. But not everyone knows the specific health benefits of weight loss. The more you focus on the health benefits, the easier it is to maintain your forward momentum, just like Donald.


Why is living a health weight essential?

  1. Losing weight improves heart health.
  2. Dropping some pounds can improve type 2 diabetes.
  3. Moving toward your target weight lowers your stroke risk.
  4. Weight loss lowers the risk of specific cancers.
  5. Losing weight improves mobility.
  6. Weight loss improves sleep and boosts energy.
  7. Losing weight can improve your sense of taste.
  8. Making progress can improve your self-esteem.

If you’ve put off starting your journey toward living a healthier lifestyle, consider Donald’s story, and start today.

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