Baptist Health Paducah Introduces Midwifery Services and Celebrates Milestone Delivery

Baptist Health Paducah. May 07, 2024

(PADUCAH, KY) May 2, 2024 – Baptist Health Paducah now offers midwifery services as part of its commitment to providing personalized and holistic maternity care to expectant mothers in the region. This milestone comes as Torunn Johnson becomes the first patient to deliver with certified midwife Sherri Lynn, marking her third delivery at Baptist Health Paducah.


Midwifery services offer an alternative form of care and support during the labor and delivery process, minimizing medical interventions with an emphasis on personalized care. Baptist Health Medical Group OB/GYN certified nurse midwives, Sherri Lynn and Aimee White, practice under a philosophy of care that prioritizes empowering women, supporting their health needs throughout their lives, and building ongoing relationships with patients.


"Our community has been asking for this service line and we are so excited that we’re finally able to offer this service safely to expectant moms,” said Lisa Parnell, director of Mother & Baby Services, Baptist Health Paducah. “This is another service that we’re proud to offer patients, along with the region’s only Level 3 NICU, we’re able provide the highest level of care to our smallest babies without transferring them out of our community.”


We are thrilled to welcome Torunn Johnson as the first patient of our new midwifery service,” said Parnell. “Her decision to choose our hospital for her third delivery is a testament to the trust and confidence that expectant mothers place in our providers and hospital.”


Choosing a midwife may be preferred when little medical intervention is desired, provided there are no pregnancy complications involved. Midwives work closely with obstetricians to ensure safe and fulfilling birth experiences for mothers and their newborns, offering services such as prenatal care, labor and delivery support, postpartum care, and well-woman care.


Certified nurse midwives also provide comprehensive women’s health services beyond childbirth, including gynecological exams, family planning, management of menopausal symptoms, and lactation support.


“Each woman deserves a pregnancy and birth experience which incorporates the collaboration of the obstetricians and the certified nurse midwives, said Sherri Lynn, APRN, CNM, Baptist Health Medical Group OB/GYN. "They now get that experience here at Baptist, and I am blessed to be a part of the foundation for that. I hope to give many more women a midwifery attended birth experience in a safe and quiet setting, where the obstetricians are readily available to support and assist if I need them.”


To learn more about midwifery services at Baptist Health Paducah or to schedule an appointment, call Baptist Health Medical Group OB/GYN at 270.444.9199.