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Baptist Health Paducah. April 11, 2023

A primary care provider (PCP), specializes in the diagnosing, treatment and prevention of a number of medical conditions. 

[PADUCAH, KY, April 7 --] With warmer temperatures here, spring is in the air, and so are the common springtime illnesses such as spring allergies and the common cold. A great way to prepare for these illnesses is to start building a relationship with a local primary care provider.

A primary care provider (PCP), sometimes referred to as a general practitioner or family doctor, is a healthcare provider who specializes in the diagnosing, treatment and prevention of a number of medical conditions. Primary care physicians also serve as your liaison within the health system. Ultimately, the role of a primary care provider is to develop a partnership that helps each person achieve optimal health and wellness.

Recently transitioning from a hospitalist to now a primary care provider, Dr. J. Eric Fleming said, “I enjoyed taking care of patients in the hospital, but I would like to try to work toward preventing people from ever needing to go to the hospital. Many things that I would see in my years of being a hospitalist could have potentially been prevented if patients had routinely seen a primary care doctor and been adherent to treatment. There are so many health conditions that with proper screening and maintenance can prevent downstream consequences.”

Wellness visits not only allow you to establish a relationship with a doctor, but also allow the physician to monitor your health through the years, performing needed screenings and maintaining a consistency of care that will help identify changes or problems early. Building a relationship with a provider is important to maintaining health because:

  • Trust: Seeing the same provider for all of your medical concerns – and knowing that they know you both as a person and a patient – creates trust that is critical to successful disease treatment and prevention.
  • Easier access to specialists: In some cases, your PCP will refer you to a specialist for evaluation or treatment of a particular condition. Having the PCP’s guidance can make it easier to find the right specialist and get the medical attention you need.
  • Lower overall healthcare costs and better outcomes: People who have a PCP tend to seek help sooner when a medical issue arises. As a result, their conditions get treated earlier when the costs are lower and the prognosis is better. Early consultation with a PCP also reduces the need for costly urgent care or emergency visits.

If you don’t currently have a primary care provider, Baptist Health Medical Group has many providers in Paducah and surrounding areas. Dr. Fleming is practicing at Baptist Health Medical Group Primary Care located at 4620 Village Square Drive in Paducah. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 270.442.8575. To learn more about Baptist Health Medical Group Primary Care locations and providers, visit Primary Care Providers | Baptist Health Paducah, KY.