Baptist Health Richmond installs Hercules Patient Repositioner

Baptist Health Richmond. January 19, 2023

Device allows for a single caregiver to safely boost a patient up in bed with the simple push of a button.

Richmond, KY, (January 19, 2023) – Baptist Health Richmond has installed the Hercules Patient Repositioner technology, created by The Morel Company, allowing for a single caregiver to safely boost a patient up in bed with the simple push of a button.

Baptist Health Richmond has installed 7 devices for the intensive care unit, with plans to purchase additional devices for the telemetry and women’s care departments.

The system operates much like a conveyor and effortlessly boosts patients up in bed, often times without them even knowing they are moving.

“I am truly grateful for the generosity of the Baptist Health Foundation Richmond in supporting our efforts to bring this innovative technology to the bedside for our clinicians,” said Dr. Mendy Blair, vice president and chief nursing officer at Baptist Health Richmond. “Nurses spend upwards of an hour per shift manually boosting a patient up in bed. This innovation in repositioning will be a huge time saver for our staff.  Further, safety is our utmost priority. Through the use of the Hercules Repositioner, we are now able to eliminate the need for pulling and tugging, greatly reducing the physical burden for our staff while eliminating friction and sheer potential for our patients.”

Traditional patient boosting methods, such as slide sheets and lifts, are a leading cause of injury for bedside caregivers. A patient may need to be repositioned back up-in-bed as many as 10 or more times per day increasing the likelihood of caregiver injury.

In addition to saving time and energy spent by staff members, various healthcare organizations reported that the Hercules devices contributed to improved patient outcomes, increased patient comfort, overall enhanced patient experience, and advanced nurse morale and retention, according to studies conducted by The Morel Company.

The purchase of the Hercules Patient Repositioner technology was made possible through the generosity received at the Baptist Health Foundation Richmond.

“Seeing, first hand, the incredible difference the Hercules Patient Repositioning technology makes in both the clinician and patient experience is powerful; knowing it was the generosity of donors that made it possible is truly inspiring,” said Kari Martin, director of Baptist Health Foundation Richmond.  “I am incredibly grateful for all who have supported the Baptist Health Foundation over the years as such generosity positively impacts the lives of our patients each and every day.”

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