Baptist Health Paducah's breast imaging services under one roof offers convenience for patients

Baptist Health Paducah. October 19, 2023

(Paducah, KY) October 19, 2023 - Convenience is a top priority and Baptist Health Paducah has made it easier for patients to access its breast imaging services, offering a one-stop shop. With expanded Saturday hours and the most advanced technology, breast patients can now receive all their breast imaging services in one easily accessible location.

"We are constantly striving to make our hospital more patient-centered and we recognize the importance of their time and the convenience of our services.,” said Mindy Cartwright, Certified Breast Imaging Navigator at Baptist Health Paducah. “I am so excited that we now have our breast imaging services in one location. Not only is the parking easy and accessible, but we're able to offer everything under one roof and that is so helpful to our patients. If a patient needs a breast biopsy, they no longer need to go inside the hospital. Being able to perform breast biopsies in one location also avoids delays in scheduling.”

Designated a Comprehensive Breast Imaging Center by the American College of Radiology, Baptist Health Paducah offers digital screening and diagnostic mammograms, ultrasound, ultrasound-guided needle biopsy, stereotactic breast biopsy, cyst aspiration, breast MRI, and on-site radiologists.

One of the key highlights of the expansion is the addition of a cutting-edge MRI machine. This advanced technology ensures the best scans every time and speeds up scans by 50%. Additionally, the center offers 3D digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography), allowing breast radiologists to view the breast layer by layer, enhancing their ability to detect fine details.

"We have an incredibly experienced medical team providing comprehensive breast care at Baptist Health Paducah. Our goal is to provide the highest level of care in the most supportive environment. This consolidated breast center is another step in creating a better environment for our patients. The hospital's dedicated on-site radiologists provide high-quality breast imaging services in a timely fashion, designed to give patients peace of mind," stated Jennifer Brien, MD, radiologist at Baptist Health Paducah.

For more than 60 years, Baptist Health Paducah has been committed to providing quality care, with an emphasis on women at every stage of life and is recognized as a leader in breast care, performing over 10,000 breast procedures each year.
The Baptist Imaging Center is located on the corner of South 28th Street and Kentucky Avenue with convenient parking in the adjacent designated lot. For more information about Baptist Health Paducah's breast imaging services, please visit