Baptist Health implements innovative initiative to improve blood pressure control for patients

Baptist Health Paducah. August 22, 2023

PADUCAH, KY (August 22) - Baptist Health Medical Group Primary Care practices in Paducah have taken a significant step towards enhancing blood pressure control for their patients. Thanks to a grant from the American Heart Association, Baptist Health has launched an initiative aimed at improving hypertension monitoring and management. The grant has enabled the implementation of a comprehensive approach that includes staff training, the provision of blood pressure devices, and the introduction of the MyChart Care Companion app.

The initiative, made possible by the generous support of the American Heart Association, has already begun to make a positive impact. Baptist Health has provided "measure accurately" training to over 30 providers across 10 primary care offices. Additionally, 200 blood pressure devices have been purchased, with at least 25 already distributed to patients in need. These devices will empower patients to monitor their blood pressure levels conveniently and accurately.

“This program is the first of its kind in the Baptist Health System,” said Robert Learch, DO, Baptist Health Medical Group Primary Care. “We now have the ability to educate our patients with industry leading material to better understand and manage their high blood pressure.”

To further enhance patient care, Baptist Health has completed an Epic build for the MyChart Care Companion app. This innovative application allows patients to upload self-reported blood pressure readings directly to their electronic health records. It also enables healthcare providers to send real-time alerts to patients, including medication reminders, a symptom checker, and interactive educational materials. The integration of Epic's Mayo Clinic care plan for hypertension into Baptist Health's version of Epic will further optimize patient care and outcomes.

According to Learch, the program is the changing the way providers manage chronic disease at home to ease the demands patients and providers. “Using MyChart to collect readings from a patient in their home environment where they are most comfortable allows us to follow and manage their blood pressure more efficiently than ever before,” said Learch.

Since the initiative's launch, 73 patients have enrolled through four participating practices. While the project is still in its early stages, the Medical Group plans to expand the program to the remaining Paducah primary care practices in early August. There is also potential for future expansion into other markets.

Baptist Health is committed to providing exceptional care to its patients, and this initiative is a testament to that commitment. By implementing this comprehensive approach to hypertension monitoring and management, Baptist Health is taking proactive steps to improve the health and well-being of its patients.

The Baptist Health Foundation has released an impact report detailing the outcomes and progress made possible by the American Heart Association grant. To learn more about the initiative and its impact, access the report here.