Cancer patient inspired by port pillows in Baptist Health Paducah Cancer Resource Room

September 21, 2022

Port pillow can be placed on car's seatbelt to relieve pressure.

(Paducah, KY) September 21 -- Eddyville resident, Connie White, visited the Cancer Patient Resource Room located in the Ray & Kay Eckstein Regional Cancer Care Center at Baptist Health Paducah while undergoing cancer treatment. At this visit, White discovered the port pillow, but it was the last one. White decided to take action. She and her neighbors joined together to surprise Baptist Health Paducah by creating and donating more port pillows for other patients to have and enjoy.

Cancer patients who receive chemotherapy have a portacath, which is a small port placed beneath the skin. Due to where the port is placed, it is often uncomfortable when wearing a seatbelt. This is why the port pillow, also known as a port buddy, is a favorite item in Baptist Health Paducah’s resource room. The port pillow is a small, rectangular pillow that chemotherapy patients place on their car’s seatbelt to relieve pressure and possible irritation around the port.

Before White was introduced to the port pillow, she had been using a baby blanket around her seatbelt, which was not as supportive. This new resource had such a positive impact on White’s life that she decided to learn how to make them herself, with the help of her neighbors, who are also talented quilters. White and her friends were able to make and donate 25, beautiful port pillows to the Cancer Patient Resource Room to help others like it had Connie.

The Cancer Patient Resource Room supports cancer patients and their loved ones adjust to the physical, emotional and other challenges following a cancer diagnosis. The resources available include wigs, turbans, hats, bras, educational materials, books, ball caps and dew rags for men, as well as various items received as donations, such as port pillows.

The resource room is made possible by the hospital’s Your Fight Fund, which is an employee funded resource for cancer patients. As the region’s cancer leader, Baptist Health Paducah supports patients throughout the region with their needs, whether they receive all, part or none of their care at our hospital.

The Cancer Patient Resource Room is for cancer patients in need of resources. The center is located at the corner of Broadway and 24th Street. Or, if you are interested in donating items to the Cancer Patient Resource Room, contact Tonya Rittenberry at