Baptist Health Richmond's commitment to honoring veterans

June 01, 2022

Every veteran who arrives at the hospital will be recognized for their service.

RICHMOND, Ky. (June 1, 2022) – Baptist Health Richmond is honored to announce today the launching of a new veteran recognition program to honor veterans for their service and sacrifice to protecting the United States of America. Every veteran who arrives at the hospital will be recognized for their service.

“As a veteran, I personally understand the sacrifice veterans have made for our country and that we don’t expect recognition or praise for our service,” said Greg D. Gerard, president of Baptist Health Richmond. “However, we have the upmost respect for these men and women who have given so much to our country. It’s an honor to recognize every veteran who enters our hospital doors and say ‘thank you for your service.’

Through the veteran recognition program, veterans will be recognized for their service as soon as they arrive in the parking lot. From designated parking spots for easy access to the hospital to receiving American flag wrist bands for outpatient services to the hospital team displaying American flags outside veteran inpatient rooms during their stay, all veterans will be recognized for their service.

Veterans will also receive a signed thank you card from the Baptist Health Richmond Senior Team at discharge.

“Earlier this year when the Kentucky Army National Guard was at our hospital, we worked closely with them to ensure our recognition program was considerate and appropriate in honoring veterans,” Gerard said. “One of the very touching aspects in our veteran recognition plan was recommended by the KYARNG.”

As part of the program, when a veteran passes away while in the care of our team, with the consent of the veteran’s family, the hospital will announce the veteran’s final role call including their name, branch of service and years of service.

“It’s truly an honor for us to have this platform to give the last role call for a veteran. The weight of this recognition is not taken lightly by our team and it’s a privilege to play a role in the recognition of veteran’s service.”

In the past year, Baptist Health Richmond has cared for more than 2,400 veteran patients.