Baptist Health Paducah now offers an enhanced way to detect breast cancer

September 13, 2022

Cerianna is a drug that allows for visual detection of ER positive breast cancer.

(Paducah, Ky.)  September 12, 2022 — Baptist Health Paducah is once again leading the region in cancer care by meeting the demands for advanced imaging in breast cancer by offering, Cerianna, a new medication to aid in the detection of the most common form of breast cancer, estrogen receptive (ER) positive breast cancer. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Of these individuals, 70-80% of breast cancers are hormone receptor positive meaning that the hormone estrogen causes these cancers to grow.  

Cerianna is a drug that allows for visual detection of ER positive breast cancer. It is injected into a vein by a healthcare professional in preparation for an imaging test (PET/CT Scan). This non-invasive procedure takes around 80 minutes. After the Cerianna injection, the patient waits about 60 minutes before the scan can be conducted. The duration of the PET scan itself is 20-30 minutes.

Unlike previous tests that only show lesions in a single or few locations, Cerianna is a diagnostic tool that aides in the detection of whole-body ER+ lesions. With Cerianna, medical professionals are able to visualize where the ER-positive breast cancer is within the patient, regardless of its location. This provides the oncologist a comprehensive assessment of the cancer that ultimately allows the oncologist to provide the best treatment plan for that patient. This assists them in making an educated decision on the best treatment plan for that patient.

Cerianna has many benefits not only for the physicians detecting the cancer, but also for the patient. These benefits include:

  • One day, non-invasive imaging procedure
  • Results available within 24 hours
  • No fasting required
  • Whole-body imaging

“Cerianna is a tremendous benefit for both ER-positive breast cancer patients and the medical experts involved in their treatment,” said Jennifer Brien, MD, Radiology Group of Paducah. “I’m really excited to offer this diagnostic tool to help tailor therapies/treatment plans to become more specific and centered on our patients’ needs.”

If you receive a breast cancer diagnosis, talk to your healthcare provider or oncologist to see if Cerianna is right for you. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Brien and the Radiology Group of Paducah, call 270.575.2662. This group is located on Baptist Health Paducah’s main campus at 2501 Kentucky Ave.