Baptist Health Paducah celebrates World Breastfeeding Week

August 04, 2022

Event promotes breastfeeding and highlight its importance to the health of mothers and babies.

(Paducah, Ky.)  August 1, 2022 — Baptist Health Paducah is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week the first week of August to promote breastfeeding and highlight its importance to the health of mothers and babies.

The Mother/Baby, NICU and Labor & Delivery units of the hospital are celebrating this week by participating in fun, teaching games to keep them up-to-date on their breastfeeding skills to better help the newly delivered mothers and babies. The hospital will also be celebrating its new moms this week by handing out little gifts to moms who deliver that week and are breastfeeding.

“At Baptist, we strive to provide essential breastfeeding information to educate our moms about how important breastfeeding is to their infants’ growth and development,” said Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Kim Coram. “Breastfeeding is the one single act of motherhood that dramatically and positively affects bonding, health, intelligence and psychological outcomes for a newborn.”

Baptist Health Paducah has many available resources for future and new moms wanting to learn about breastfeeding. These resources include prenatal breastfeeding education appointments, monthly group classes, assistance with breastfeeding sessions and consultations as needed. After delivery, the lactation consultants visit with the new moms daily while in the hospital and provide additional visits as needed.

New mom and Baptist Health Medical Group OB/GYN, Katherine Williamson, DO, chose to breastfeed because of the benefits it provides that formula does not. “As a physician, the process of learning to breastfeed was eye-opening to understand how challenging it really is at the beginning, “ said Williamson. “I spent eight weeks going to lactation classes at Baptist Health Paducah to get the hang of it after having my son. The lactation consultants are so supportive and positive. Without them I would have probably given up on breastfeeding.” Williamson wants women to know that this is a great, hidden resource that is available to them and encourages women to take advantage of it.

Baptist Health Paducah has a lactation team made of five employees, including three who are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.

For information about all lactation services, phone 270.575.8336.