Baptist Health Wound Care observes Wound Care Awareness Month

June 23, 2021

June is Wound Care Awareness Month.

Wound Care Awareness logo(Paducah, Ky.) June 23, 2021Nearly 7 million Americans live with chronic wounds. One in four families has a family member with a wound.  During COVID-19, amputations increased by 50 percent in 2020 compared to the same timeframe in 2019.

These are a few of the reasons Baptist Health Wound Care educates medical providers and community members on the importance of timely detection and treatment of wounds.

June is Wound Care Awareness Month, a great time to communicate the special needs of those with wounds and the variety of treatments available. 

“Being a wound care provider may not seem particularly glamorous, but this specialty gives patients the opportunity to experience faster results with advanced treatments, such as bioengineered skin substitutes and hyperbaric oxygen therapy which can heal wounds a patient may have experienced for years,” said Dr. Chad Bassi, DPM, Baptist Health Wound Care panel provider. “We regularly prescribe dressings and devices for patients that increase the probability and speed of healing that are not typically found in traditional medical offices.”

Baptist Health Wound Care provides procedures, such as total contact casting to reduce pressure and negative pressure wound therapy to reduce drainage and improve blood flow, to kick-start the healing process. Wound debridement and nearly 40 specialized dressings are considered for both chronic and acute wounds.

Dr. Jason Cumbers, MD, another panel provider at Baptist Health Wound Care, said wounds are common on the legs and feet, but can occur anywhere on the body. “We typically think of diabetic foot ulcers or venous ulcers of the lower leg when we consider wound care,” he said. “However, pressure injuries, surgical wounds and traumatic injuries can be difficult to heal and require the same skilled treatment.” 

He said wounds often do not heal because of poor circulation, infection, edema, inadequate nutrition and continued trauma.

Seeking early treatment of wounds usually results in better outcomes, lessens the risk of unnecessary complications and offers a more cost effective approach. Baptist Health Wound Care treats thousands of wounds each year and is able to identify wound issues quickly without losing valuable time considering a range of alternative diagnoses or solutions.  If you or someone you love has a wound, whether chronic or acute, contact Baptist Health Wound Care at 270.575.2414.  A physician referral is not required.