Baptist Health Corbin opens COVID-19 vaccinations to age 60 and older

February 22, 2021

People in this age category can now schedule an appointment.

CORBIN, KENTUCKY (Feb. 23, 2021) – Baptist Health Corbin has opened its COVID-19 vaccination schedule to area residents age 60 and older. People in this age category can now schedule an appointment through as slots become available.

The hospital will also continue to schedule vaccine appointments for those in 1A (healthcare workers and first responders) and 1B (those age 70 and older and childcare workers). Appointments can only be made through No walk-in appointments will be taken.

As of Feb. 22, the Kentucky COVID-19 vaccination priority remains 1B (persons age 70 or older). Additionally, on Feb. 15, childcare workers were added to Phase 1B and are now eligible for vaccination.

At some locations, such as Baptist Health Corbin, Phase 1B is slowing so some persons from the next phase (only age 60 and older at this time) are being scheduled. The emphasis is on those age 60 and older because they face a higher COVID-19 mortality risk. All vaccination sites are asked to administer 90 percent or more of all doses received within seven days of arrival.

Since Dec. 16, 2020, Baptist Health Corbin has administered more than 10,000 first doses and 4,500 second doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

“We encourage all those in our community who are eligible to get the vaccine,” said Anthony Powers, Baptist Health Corbin president. “We know the vaccine is vitally important to our lives getting back to normal, and the best way to protect the vulnerable.

“Demand has been far outstripping vaccine supplies, but the governor recently announced an increase in the state’s vaccine allocation. That’s welcome news. We ask that everyone please be patient as more vaccine becomes available. Everyone will get their turn as we work through the vaccine rollout phases as outlined by the state.”

Throughout the vaccination process, Baptist Health Corbin has used guidance from the Kentucky Department of Public Health to prioritize vaccine appointments. The age 60 and older demographic is part of the next group on Kentucky’s vaccination plan.

Baptist Health Corbin is the first hospital in the state’s largest health system to expand eligibility to those age 60 and older. Other Baptist Health hospitals will make that move when they’ve substantially completed vaccination of those age 70 and older in their service areas.

Appointments for Baptist Health locations can be made through and are available as vaccine supplies allow and only to those in current eligible stages.

Those eligible to receive a vaccine should:

  • Provide proof of their age, residency status and any documentation needed to show that you’re a healthcare worker or first responder. A driver’s license or other current photo ID is required. If you do not meet the current vaccination criteria you will not be able to receive a vaccination and will be asked to reschedule.
  • Go to a local facility in your county or a neighboring county. Not only is this more convenient, especially in the winter when road conditions can prohibit extended travel, but vaccines are allocated by the state according to the needs of the region. The state has opened a number of new vaccination sites in recent weeks, providing more opportunity and choices for getting a shot. Learn more at - Kentucky Vaccine Map (
  • Schedule only during your rollout phase. You can review the Kentucky guidelines at or call the state hotline at 855.598.2246.