Baptist Health Madisonville introduces upgrades to advanced interventional cardiology suite

October 20, 2020

Baptist Health Madisonville announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization X-ray lab

Madisonville, KY (October 20, 2020)Heart disease is one of our nation’s most common health problems—the leading cause of death for Americans age 35 and older. Introducing advancements in the medical technology used to diagnose and treat this condition is more critical than ever before at Baptist Health Madisonville.  In an effort to help its physicians provide faster and more efficient cardiac care to Hopkins County area residents, Baptist Health Madisonville today announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization X-ray lab from Philips Healthcare.

Baptist Health Madisonville will now be able to conduct minimally invasive procedures on the new system to treat a wide range of clinical problems including coronary artery disease – a leading cause of heart disorders in the U.S. These catheter-based procedures may reduce the risks and recovery time found in traditional surgical approaches. The benefits of catheter-based interventions include shorter hospital stays, reduced recovery time without the pain of a large incision, and less visible surgical scarring. These procedures can be performed on both the heart and peripheral blood vessels.

Specifically, Baptist Health Madisonville will use the Azurion image guided therapy system from Philips Healthcare. Azurion, with its ergonomic design and intuitive user interface, optimizes workflow, enabling clinicians to swiftly and confidently perform both routine and complex procedures. The system is designed to help clinicians work e­fficiently by reducing preparation and procedure time, enabling more1 patients to be diagnosed and treated.  Azurion provides high quality imaging, achieving excellent visibility at low X-ray dose levels for patients of all sizes, a decrease of 50-70% in radiation exposure in most cases. This fully digital system enables physicians to capture and view detailed images of a patient’s coronary structure, thereby facilitating faster diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disease.

Azurion’s workflow innovations paired with its low-dose imaging capabilities will help clinicians treat patients efficiently and provide superior care. “Both our patients and clinicians can benefit from the speed, low-dose levels, and outstanding image quality of this new X-ray system,” explained Jim Bailey, Executive Director of Imaging and Laboratory Services at Baptist Health Madisonville. “It will allow our physicians to complete a variety of diagnostic and interventional procedures faster, and that means the patient is off the table and on their way to recovery and discharge much sooner.”  

This flexible system can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of patient conditions and can be used for procedures such as diagnostic catheterizations, stenting, and balloon angioplasty.

Baptist Health Madisonville has partnered with Philips Healthcare to provide this enhanced technology to its patients at a cost of just over $1 million.  “As a leader in image-guided therapy, we have been driving continuous innovation to address rising patient volumes and increased procedure complexity,” said Bert van Meurs, Business Leader Image Guided Therapy at Philips. “With the launch of the Azurion platform, which was designed to optimize system integration and lab performance, we can deliver new turnkey solutions that support clinicians in maintaining high standards of care.”

Baptist Health Madisonville is pleased to be able to offer this important improvement in healthcare to its patients. The Jack L. Hamman Heart & Vascular Center at Baptist Health Madisonville can be reached by calling 270.326.3800.

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1compared to existing Philips image guided therapy platforms, which have been the market leader for many decades