Gynecology Services

Regular gynecology care is essential to optimal health. Whether you’re looking to schedule an annual exam or have a specific gynecologic concern, we can help.

At Baptist Health, we’re dedicated to caring for women through every stage of life. Our experienced, compassionate care team provides evaluation, treatment and follow-up care for a wide range of gynecologic needs. We’re here for you no matter what health obstacle you may face. 

Why Choose Baptist Health for Gynecology Care?

When you choose one of our Baptist Health locations for gynecology care, you will find:

  • Trusted care team: Our staff is dedicated to the care of women. Many members of our team have received extra training in obstetrics and reproductive care. We’re passionate about our work and focus exclusively on women’s health issues. 
  • Focus on women’s health: We want women to know that we’re here to help them through all the key health issues of their lives. From early gynecological care to pregnancy, menopause and postmenopausal care, our comprehensive services and woman-focused programs illustrate our commitment to your health.
  • Care innovations: We can perform many complex gynecologic procedures on an outpatient basis. Some Baptist Health locations use advanced da Vinci surgical technology for procedures such as hysterectomies. Our patients often report quicker recoveries and less pain from this less-invasive approach to surgery. 

Gynecology Services We Offer

Whether you need routine gynecologic screenings or more complex care, we’re here to help. Our gynecology services include:

  • Routine gynecologic care: Our women’s health care providers are here to address all of your gynecologic needs. We provide well-woman visits and screening Pap smears, and address other gynecology concerns such as menstrual issues, contraception and menopause symptoms.
  • Comprehensive mother and baby care: Baptist Health Maternity Care has a passion for helping moms live out the birth experience they imagine. Our mom-and-baby team is committed to providing a high level of patient-centered care before, during and after your pregnancy. Our OB/GYNs can also address family planning, infertility or other concerns you may have about growing your family.
  • Management of women’s health conditions: Are hot flashes or pelvic pain keeping you up at night? Our providers have years of experience diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions affecting women, such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids and incontinence (occasional urine leakage). 
  • Wide range of in-office procedures: Several Baptist locations offer a number of gynecologic procedures on an outpatient basis for your convenience, including:
    • Hysteroscopy: A procedure in which a doctor inserts a lighted tube into the vagina to examine the cervix and uterus
    • Insertion and removal of contraceptive devices: A doctor places (or removes) an intrauterine device (also called an IUD)
  • Gynecologic surgery services: If your provider recommends surgery, the physicians at Baptist Health will help you determine the right procedure for your symptoms and circumstances. Baptist’s highly skilled team of gynecologic surgeons performs thousands of minimally invasive surgeries (such as hysterectomies) each year. A less invasive approach may mean a shorter recovery and other benefits for you. 
  • Post-surgery support: If surgery requires an overnight stay, you will be cared for by a team of skilled, compassionate professionals who are in tune with your needs. 

Gynecologic Conditions We Treat

Our dedicated women’s health staff is committed to providing the gynecologic care you need with a compassionate touch. Common women’s health conditions we treat include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Urinary problems, such as incontinence
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Vaginal and urinary tract infections (UTIs)
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♪ [music]

♪ There's a lot of new birth control options that are available today. It's not just pills, and patches, and condoms anymore. So there's a lot of different forms. Baptist Health is now offering several options in the form of LARCS which are long-acting, reversible contraception.

So there's several different kinds of the LARCs. There's an injectable progesterone shot given every 12 weeks. It's an injection in the arm or the buttock. It gives kind of a reservoir progesterone in the muscle that releases over that period of time.

So it'd be four shots in a year. The other options would be an implant called Nexplanon. It's subdermal, meaning just under the skin in the arm. And then there's what's called the intrauterine device or an IUD.

It's a little T-shaped rod. It's also an implant that goes in the uterus. And there's several hormonal options with that as well as a nonhormonal option. So the idea with the LARC is that it gives women more options for highly-effective forms of birth control.

They have very low failure rates, less than 1% that work for multiple years at a time that aren't permanent. So they can be implanted, removed whenever. So with so many available options in the form of LARC now, they give women control over when they want to be pregnant, planning that family. With all the added benefits, Baptist Health, Richmond would love to talk with you in more depth about these LARC options.

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